Airport Trail

LW location map
New Garden Township's Airport Trail offers a range of unique features complimenting the community's desire for fitness, hiking, and birding. Tall oak, beech, sycamore, and tulip poplar trees provide shade with minimum undergrowth. Hawks, warbles and other song birds populate the woods. Ferns cover the understory. A combination of hard surface and packed earth trails provide an easy hike ending with a picnic in the large pavilion along the woods edge overlooking the airfield.

* Length: 1 mile, mostly wooded;
* Uninterrupted view of airport activities.
* Large picnic pavilion with tables.
* Beautiful mature woodland.
* Elevation 170 feet.
* Trail connects Church road and Newark road.
* 480 feet, the highest public view in New Garden.
* Gravel parking area at trail head.