Landenberg Junction Trail Features

Looking north on part of the Landenberg Junction Trail. The Lower path is the former Pomeroy & Newark RR. The upper path is the former Wilmington & Western RR. Landenberg Village located center left

The habitat garden located at the southern end of the trail. Dozens of native grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees can be viewed while walking through the garden or sitting on a bench. A nearby table by the White Clay Creek (left) provides a picnic area. The easy access to the creek is a popular fishing opportunity during the springtime. Landenberg Village is seen in the background.

Landenberg Village viewed from the widest path connecting the trail entrance to the habitat garden, picnic table and fishing area.

The amphibian pond that Mr. Hendrickson built. Situated on the lower RR track/path it has and continues to provide an enjoyable interaction with the trail’s varied and lively frog population. The pond is spring fed and overflows to two lower ponds. The steps provide access between the lower and upper path.

Picnic table by the White Clay Creek.

Stone benches centered in the habitat garden. All plants are native to the White Clay watershed.