Calling All Outdoor Volunteers!



  • Creek Fest & Trail Directions
    Year 2018. Above, Dirk, Ann and Don attend White Clay Creek Fest. Below, Bernie and Don place path symbols for the Airport Trail(opening 2019).
    Repairing RR Sign
    Year 2017.Volunteers successfully replaced damaged Railroad Interpretive sign on Laurel Woods Trail, July. Volunteers in photo: Howie, Bernie, Elizabeth, Charlie, Carrie, Dirk.
    Hiker crossing Stormwater Bridge
    Year 2011. Construction of the overlook and platform for the Railroad Interpretive sign on the Laurel Woods Trail. Volunteers in photo: Bernie, Don, Ben, Rob.
    Hiker crossing Stormwater Bridge
    Year 2009. Volunteers "benching" the Laurel Woods Trail.
    If you would like to get involved, please contact Friends of the Trail at: Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The Friends of the New Garden Trails have scheduled the second Saturday of each month, May through October, for maintenance and upkeep of the New Garden Trails. Anyone interested in volunteering some time to help is invited to join us on these dates:
    • March 11, Saturday, 9 AM
    • April 08, Saturday, 9 AM
    • May 13, Saturday, 9 AM
    • June 12, Saturday, 9 AM
    • July 08, Saturday, 9 AM
    • August 12, Saturday, 9 AM
    • September 09, Saturday, 9 AM
    • October 14, Saturday, 9 AM

    Meet at the Laurel Woods Trail parking lot at 9 AM to organize work for the day. The parking lot is off of Laurel Heights Rd. next to Penn Green Rd.

    Photographs requested! Email your photographs of the New Garden Trails to and they'll be posted on this website.
    Laurel Wood Trail Parking Area

    Volunteers meet at the intersection of Laurel Heights and Penn Green (lower right corner).
    Hiker crossing stormwater bridge
    Year 2009. Volunteers building the "stormwater bridge" located on the  western side of the Laurel Woods Trail.