Landenberg Junction Trail

 LW location map
The Landenberg Junction Trail is part of the expanding New Garden Trail system. The trail is located in an exceptional natural area known for its rich bio-diversity of plants and animal life. Situated on a steep eastern hillside along the White Clay Creek National Wild and Scenic River it descends to a flat habitat garden of native plants marking the former Hendrickson's house. Three short paths totaling less than a mile comprise the trail. Walking them conveys a sense of area's history, the mills, the railroads and its former resident, the Hendrickson family. Two parallel paths offer a feel for what it was like "to be there" when Pomeroy & Newark RR line and the Wilmington & Western RR line serviced Landenberg. A raised platform with an interpretive sign provides a visual perspective of the bustling mill town of Landenberg and its railroads during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.<\n>

There are several manmade features found along the paths. A system of ponds collect hillside spring water eventually draining into the creek. A table by the creek side provides a quiet opportunity for a picnic. A rain barrel collects rain from the storage building's roof and used to irrigate the habitat garden. Benches are placed to view the ponds and garden. A staircase connects the lower RR path to the upper parallel RR paths where one can get a feel of the White Clay canyon and hear the creek drain south to the adjacent Bone Mill dam.

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Property Donated or Purchased with funds from the following:
Landenberg Village, LLC (William A. Skalish)
New Garden Township Board of Supervisors Open Space Fund
White Clay Creek Watershed Steering Committee (US National Park Service)
Municipal Grants Program, Commissioners of Chester County, Pennsylvania
Property Improvements and Trail Construction with Grants from:
PECO Green Region Open Space Program
E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation
Volunteer In Kind Contributions:
Shane Morgan and Claudia West, Planning and Planting Design Consultants
V.P. Electrical Contracting
Geotech, Inc. Stone Delivery
Laurel Valley Farms, Inc. Soil Division
David Rickerman, Tree Services Inc.
Bill Graham, Staircase Construction
Rich Chadwick, Kiosk Construction
Crowl Advertising Design
Friends of New Garden Trails & the White Clay Watershed Association
Members of the New Garden Township
Open Space Review Board